The Journey Begins

And so the journey begins. Over the next 15 days I will go half way around the world and take a total of 9 different flights. But it’s not all just to China. Before I make it there, I’ll be going to a wedding in Alexandria, VA for my very good friend Brendan Steinhauser and his bride-to-be, Randan. So while I have been looking forward to a big trip, it’s nice to reflect that I will be with them to help them celebrate the start of their own journey!

Today, I am taking two flights, one from Tallahassee to Atlanta and then a second from there to Washington, DC. I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends in the DC area today and very grateful to my friends Jeff and Amanda Frazee for hosting me at their home this weekend. And the wedding in Old Town Alexandria tomorrow should be fun. What a way to kick off a trip. And it’s also nice to know I won’t have to think about work until I return to the office on June 17.

On Sunday I will fly to San Francisco, where my brother Tony lives. He plans to take me around Palo Alto for a few hours (I’ve never seen the Stanford campus or been to the land of Google & Facebook). Then Monday, we fly to Shanghai. It’s starting to slowly hit me that we’re actually going half way around the world to China, but I don’t think it fully will until Monday when we prepare to board our 13-hour flight.

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