SAFECO Field: My 9th Baseball Park

I made it to the Seattle Mariners’ home field here on Friday night, as they took on the Oakland A’s and pounded them pretty hard… the stadium is pretty new, only a few years old and very nice and very big…. It also has a retractable roof, which was closed for this game (even though it wasn’t really raining, but it did rain a bit earlier in the day I believe). This was my ninth baseball stadium in my lifetime and my fifth different one just this season! The others in my lifetime: Marlins, Yankees, Orioles, Nationals, Blue Jays, White Sox, Giants, Phillies, and now… the Mariners!

It was a good game and I was in the nosebleed section, but right in line with first base, so not a bad view at all (there never really is a bad seat at baseball stadiums). Ganske and I went and then afterwards, we hit a couple bars.

It was an odd turn of events in the evening, as we were looking for a good bar to go to and were dragged into (ok, maybe more like invited, not dragged) by a middle-aged woman on the street who recommended it and said she’d introduce us to some “hot chicks.” Ok, they weren’t that hot, but she had a nice group of mostly 30-something year old friends, who couldn’t believe how young we were. (I couldn’t believe how old they were).

The atmosphere inside the first bar was a bit strange, almost “bohemian” as Ganske remarked… a few weird looking people in there. After and hour or two there, we skipped over to “FADO’S Irish Pub” (I’ve been to the FADO’s in DC and Philly, so this was a more normal place). They had a good band in their, sort of a funk/blues/rock band … good stuff. We danced around a bit… Ganske was hanging out with this 35-year old woman, who looked more like 28. She was fun, but kept remarking how she was too old. With those constant comments, she was right.

It was fun times though… and I turned in about 1:30am or so… off to sleep.

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