Friday afternoon I visited the Discovery Institute in Seattle, a really great and intriguing organization, where my friend Charles Ganske works. Discovery is involved with many projects, but is known most strongly for their scholarly contributions to the new field of intelligent design.

Ganske showed me around the organization’s headquarters. ISI works somewhat closely with the Discovery Institute and its scholars. In fact, as far back as 1996, we published a whole Intercollegiate Review publication on the subject of intelligent design. It’s good stuff, mostly debunking the materialist nature of Darwinism and the scientific claim that we are mere products of natural selection. It’s a fascinating and controversial subject at the moment.

Anyway… that was my Friday afternoon, although it was mostly spent just trying to get around downtown Seattle between 2 and 5pm… traffic is nuts here. I should have just walked… it turns out, that where I am staying, I am only about a 10-block walk from the Discovery Institute’s headquarters.

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