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A Day in Vienna Lifts the Spirits

On Monday, we woke up in Vienna, which was our 5th day of this trip through Central Europe. So, we deserved to sleep in a little. And we did. But by 11am, we were out the door and on the metro. I have to say, the metro system here is the most efficient and cleanest […]

Perched on The Eagle’s Nest

On Sunday morning, we woke up at the Hotel Astoria in Salzburg and had breakfast there, which was included. We then took a taxi into the city center to meet at the Panorama Tours kiosk to take our ride up to the Eagle’s Nest. This was the same company we used for The Sound of […]

The Hills of Salzburg Come Alive with the Sound of Music

Our Saturday started by waking up in Munich and heading to the train station, just a few blocks from our hotel. There are trains about every thirty minutes to Salzburg, Austria, where we were headed today. And the ride typically takes about 100 minutes. Our big plans included the original Sound of Music tour of […]

The Splendor of Bavaria; a Mad King and his Castle

Today, we departed from Munich via train to Fussen, which is home to the Neuschwanstein Castle in the beautiful region of Bavaria. We were blessed with a stunningly beautiful day to see the castle built by Ludwing II, King of Bavaria. In 1864, at the age of 18, he became King of Bavaria and ruled […]

Americans Back on the Continent of Europe

And so my trip back to Europe begins again. This time, I will travel to five countries I have never been to: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Afterwards, I will head back to London – the first foreign destination I ever went to, but a place I only spent two days in […]

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