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Barack Obama just saved conservatism

I don’t know if you missed it, or heard it, or paid attention to it, but Barack Obama saved conservatism this past week with his speech at the Democratic National Convention. He did it when he uttered these lines: “Look, we Democrats have always had plenty of differences with the Republican Party, and there’s nothing wrong […]

Florida Corporations and Big Media Want to Expand a Program That Doesn’t Work

Some members of the Florida media are beginning to act irresponsibly – no, recklessly – when discussing the issue of Medicaid expansion. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board wrote an opinion piece today titled “Dancing on graves of poor people” and the Miami Herald ran a story claiming “850,000 people stuck in coverage gap – […]

My Advice to the Next Generation of Freedom Lovers

On August 26, I was invited to address the first meeting of the fall 2014 semester for The Florida State University College Republicans. Over 150 students attended, with more than half of them being freshmen – which meant most of them were hearing from me on their second day of college. It was a great […]

Is the “Man of Steel” a Christian allegory?

I finally got around to watching the 2013 film Man of Steel, which is yet another remake of Superman. In this particular movie, however, it starts with us first seeing the creation of Clark Kent – his birth on the planet Krypton. Shortly after his birth, the planet is destroyed. Clark’s real parents locate a planet […]

What’s Your Ice Bucket?

Over the past two weeks, unless you’ve been living off the social media grid, you have probably seen dozens and dozens of people doing the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” It is a phenomenon where someone records a video of themselves being dumped with ice cold water and then challenging three of their friends to do the […]

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