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Dan Lesniak: The HyperFast HyperLocal Real Estate Agent

Episode 25 of the Agents of Innovation podcast features the first repeat guest we’ve had — we caught up with Dan Lesniak, co-founder of Orange Line Living, the hottest real estate company in Arlington, Virginia. Since we last spoke to Dan in June 2015, a lot has happened in his life. His first child was […]

Jason Harle Helps You Get As Fit As A Farmer

Jason Harle grew up on a farm in Iowa – while farming isn’t actually the norm for most Iowans, he certainly fits “the Iowa stereotype.” He participated in many sports throughout his life and between farming and athletics, Jason built his body in the process. While he didn’t play college sports, he continued to hang […]

Steinhausers Offer Complementary Talents, Winning Strategies

Steinhauser Strategies is a full service public relations company based in Austin, Texas. We were privileged to have co-founders Brendan and Randan Marie Steinhauser on the Agents of Innovation podcast to share their story with us. A husband-wife team with an 8-month old daughter, the Steinhausers formed their company four years ago. Between the two of […]

Who We Play For Uses Telemedicine to Save Lives

“Our story is the story of thousands of teams, communities, and families across the country every single year who lose someone they love to a detectable heart condition,” said Evan Ernst, co-founder of Who We Play For. This unique nonprofit not only provides awareness about the risk that student-athletes have to encountering deadly sudden cardiac […]

The Currys on a Journey West of Here

Meet Jimmy and Tommy and their cousin Galen — otherwise known as The Currys. Three Florida dudes inspired by folk, rock, funk, and roots music. They never did figure out a name for their band, so people kept referring to them by their shared family name: The Currys. It stuck. They joined us on Episode 21 […]

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