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Nick Gill Keeps His Options Open and His Dreams Alive

Nick Gill is a man of many places but also many talents. He was born in Washington, DC, raised in Fairhope, Alabama, and is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. After high school, he didn’t take the usual route to college. Instead, he pursued his talents as a musician and went to Nashville. He went down […]

Hytch a Ride with Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cleveland

Mark Cleveland is what some might call a serial entrepreneur, but that isn’t entirely accurate. He’s actually a “parallel entrepreneur.” A serial entrepreneur goes from one thing to the next, but a parallel entrepreneur isn’t doing just one thing at a time. After interviewing Mark on the Agents of Innovation podcast, it’s easy to tell […]

Jordy Searcy at the Intersection of Luck, Talent, and Hard Work

Jordy Searcy came to the American public’s attention in 2014 – at the age of 21 – when he appeared on NBC’s The Voice. But getting there didn’t happen overnight. While growing up in Fairhope, Alabama, he began writing his own music when he was 12 years old and started performing as an artist at the […]

Michael Long Sails for The Future of Florida’s Kids

While a student at New College of Florida, Michael Long developed a passion for sailing. He later channeled that passion into developing a nonprofit organization called SailFuture. As a direct alternative to incarceration, SailFuture works with prosecutors, public defenders, and judges to identify youth at risk of being incarcerated and to determine if they are […]

Matt Hires Fights a Ghost

Matt Hires describes himself as an “introvert.” He was homeschooled, so it’s likely he didn’t have a guidance counselor advise him that earning a living playing music in front of live audiences might not be the best career choice. Born in Orlando, raised in Tampa, Matt’s first introduction to playing music was when his parents first […]

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