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My 2014 Year In Review: From Sea to Shining Sea…and then some!

In contrast to how fast this year went by, the last few weeks of 2014 have been a little quieter and slower paced for me. This has allowed me to reflect on how many great new places I have been and how many experiences I have been able to enjoy with amazing friends and family […]

My 2013 Year in Review: Filling Up the Bucket (List)

When I reflect on 2013, I think about the amazing number of new experiences I had: traveling to China, going to both a U.S. Davis Cup match and the Daytona 500, running a 15K (yes, that’s 9.3 miles) for the first time ever, going hunting for the first time, and doing so in a state […]

My Volunteer Day at Junior Achievement World

Last month, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the JA World Huizenga Center in Coconut Creek, Florida. “JA” stands for Junior Achievement, which is a non-profit youth organization founded in 1919. They are a national organization with chapters all over the country that work with local businesses and organizations to deliver experiential programs on […]

Rock by the Sea 2013: It’s All Family

I promised another follow up blog post regarding Rock by the Sea and so here it is. My first two posts focused on one of our favorite musicians and members of the Rock by the Sea family, Jackson Rohm, as well as about the role some of the talent at Rock by the Sea plays […]

Rock By The Sea 2013: Rock Stars as Role Models

This is my second in a series of blog posts about my experience at Rock by the Sea 2013… On Friday, Rock by the Sea really kicks into full gear. For those who got in Thursday (or earlier) they tend to have plenty of time on Friday to hit up the pool, the beach, or […]

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