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Departing The James Madison Institute

After nine years leading the development department at The James Madison Institute, I am moving on. I recently accepted a position with National Review Institute, an organization I have long admired and respected. The good news is they are allowing me to continue to work remotely from Orlando. While I will be working with their […]

2016 Year in Review: Connected from The City Beautiful

2016. What a crazy year for the world. A businessman, reality star celebrity was elected President of the United States, taking out two political dynasties: the Bushes and the Clintons. A gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo named Harambe was killed and captivated attention on social media and beyond. It was the “year of the meme,” […]

Farewell, Tallahassee (kind of)

This week, I am moving out of Tallahassee and down to Orlando. I’m not changing jobs. I’ll still be leading the development efforts for The James Madison Institute as JMI’s Vice President of Advancement. After more than 8 years here, that long road back to the remote state capital of Tallahassee has just worn down […]

2015 Year in Review: Sailing Toward the Future

What can I say? It’s been another epic year. I traveled to the Greek islands with Sail Future; I attended my fourth Rock Boat experience; I completed my fifth year on the board of directors of Rock by the Sea Charities (and attended Rock by the Sea for my seventh straight year); I started a […]

Help Florida Youth Sail for Justice: Your Gift Will Be Matched!

Do you know why I really went to Greece this summer? I don’t ask much very often. My friends and family know all the various causes I’m involved with. And you may have heard me talk about this little trip to Greece I went on this summer. Well, that trip wasn’t just your regular trip to Greece. […]

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