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Rock by the Sea 2013: It’s All Family

I promised another follow up blog post regarding Rock by the Sea and so here it is. My first two posts focused on one of our favorite musicians and members of the Rock by the Sea family, Jackson Rohm, as well as about the role some of the talent at Rock by the Sea plays […]

Rock By The Sea 2013: Rock Stars as Role Models

This is my second in a series of blog posts about my experience at Rock by the Sea 2013… On Friday, Rock by the Sea really kicks into full gear. For those who got in Thursday (or earlier) they tend to have plenty of time on Friday to hit up the pool, the beach, or […]

Rock by the Sea 2013: Farewell to Jackson Rohm?

This is my first in a series of blog posts about my experience at Rock by the Sea 2013… Rock by the Sea’s 2013 festival in Panama City Beach was a great success. I’m honored and humbled to be on the board of directors of this great organization which organizes music festivals to raise money […]

Caught the Spirit of the Suwannee

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Magnolia Music Festival, held at the “Spirit of the Suwannee” state music park. It couldn’t have been a more heavenly day – clear blue skies, temperature in the mid 70s, dropping to the mid 60s at night. Like much of northern Florida, the park hosts many live oak […]

Thankful to be in Florida

I spent this Thanksgiving holiday with some family in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents came up from Palm Beach county and my brother and I left Gainesville, FL (where I had been all week for some ISI business) to join my cousin, her husband and 3 kids, as well as an aunt and an uncle, for […]

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