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Nick Gill Keeps His Options Open and His Dreams Alive

Nick Gill is a man of many places but also many talents. He was born in Washington, DC, raised in Fairhope, Alabama, and is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. After high school, he didn’t take the usual route to college. Instead, he pursued his talents as a musician and went to Nashville. He went down […]

Hytch a Ride with Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cleveland

Mark Cleveland is what some might call a serial entrepreneur, but that isn’t entirely accurate. He’s actually a “parallel entrepreneur.” A serial entrepreneur goes from one thing to the next, but a parallel entrepreneur isn’t doing just one thing at a time. After interviewing Mark on the Agents of Innovation podcast, it’s easy to tell […]

National Review’s Transatlantic Cruise

After taking the train from London with my NRI colleagues Lindsay Craig (along with her husband and daughter) and David French, we arrived into Southampton, England on August 30 and checked into our hotel there, where most of the other attendees of the National Review (NR) cruise were staying. In the late afternoon, a welcome […]

Two Days in London

After spending twelve days traveling around Central Europe, I left Prague to head to London. I was expected to be there by Monday night in preparation for a dinner that National Review Institute was doing for some of our supporters and friends in London on Tuesday night. Given this opportunity, I took the first flight […]

Prague and the Culmination of our Central European Trip

The last leg of our journey through Central Europe would be to the beautiful city of Prague. I took a one-hour flight from Budapest on Czech Air, while my friend Marshall took a seven-hour train ride from Budapest to Prague. It was a bit odd being without my amazing travel buddy for half the day, […]

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